Problem & Target

Given the unforeseen and unpredictable nature of the current pandemic, many high-profile internship programs have been cancelled, several companies have frozen hiring and even full-time job offers to new grads have been rescinded. This has disrupted the job search process for thousands of students and has made it increasingly difficult for many to find an opportunity. Not only is this foreign obstacle of trying to find companies that are still hiring full-time or providing remote internships a challenge for students, but even before the current situation students have faced an issue of trying to stay organized and proactive during the job search process to land an opportunity. We want to do our part in easing the job application process in these particularly difficult times.


MassApply was created to serve as an organizational dashboard for students to not only find an opportunity with direct links to over 300 companies, but also keep track of their application status, find recruiter information, and have links to resources to aid them in putting their most prepared self forward in the interview process. Given the current pandemic, we have parsed through the internet to add remote internship and full-time roles unaffected during the pandemic has been added to help those students that have been blindsided by their summer opportunities being rescinded. For this hackathon, we want to build a tool to easily Cold-Email recruiters at these companies in order to improve the chances of getting an interview, and ultimately landing an offer in the especially tough job market.

How we built it

The dashboard is built with Node.js and React.js frameworks. Our data is being stored in Postgresql hosted on Heroku. We also used a variety of scripts along with Google SerpAPI to scrape application job links to over 300 companies. Our dashboard is connected to the Crunchbase API to provide meaningful company information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although our development phase is yet to be complete, we were able to do a soft launch of the website and have already garnered a user base of ~800 students and have reached out via email personally to users to see if the website is actually being effective in aiding their job search. Students have answered back with positive reviews and that this tool has allowed them to reboot their job search process. Of the emails that we have sent so far, we have seen about a 15% conversion ratio from email to website use, which we hope to boost with the addition of more features. We have also launched our marketing campaign and have specifically targeted students that have voiced their need for a new opportunity given their current circumstances, finding students on LinkedIn, various Facebook groups, and Reddit forums.

What's next for MassApply

As we begin to prepare for an official launch of the website, we hope to receive feedback from our current users to see how the website in its current state has helped them with their job search, but also what can be added to help with their proactivity, as well as compare their job search process before the use of our website against what it is now. After feedback is received from students that have used the website for at least 2 weeks, their answers will be used to create additional feedback to build-up the website. We are also hoping to partner up with recruiters across the nation to build up a verified recruiter database in which students have the ability to cold-email recruiters with a pre-made, yet customizable email template to automate the cold-emailing process. We are hoping features like this, as well as alerts for follow-up emails for application and interview updates, boost students’ proactivity to increase the rate of application to job placement ratio.

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