Inspired by existing snippets in UiPath . These snippets helped me to figure out how a sample snippets should be and it led me to mass Mailing.

What it does

Mass mailing snippet uses an existing excel sheet to read E-mail IDs and a text document which is been used as a common mail content to all E-mail IDs. By using this snippet user can mass mail through outlook and can customize accordingly to his requirement.

How I built it

I've built this snippet using Uipath activities.

Challenges I ran into

I problem i faced was data manipulation but i'm glad that i came through it with the suggestion provided by the UiPath forum.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Mass mailing works perfectly fine.

What I learned

I've got to explore more about UiPath activities, its properties and I'm glad i did.

What's next for Mass Mailing

Built With

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