Our team is incredibly passionate about the environment. Especially with the climate today with the tragic deforestation, forest fires, and the temperatures rapidly rising etc we were ready to get to work to do our small part to spread the word of how we can be better humans. This is our first hackathon and as soon as we heard that there were challenges revolving around sustainability we did not hesitate to accept. We are so lucky to attend a school with such an amazing "green" program in regards to the greenhouse that provides food for our own dining halls. We are happy to have contributed in our own way to this project and are more so happy to keep contributing even after this hackathon is over.

What it does

Our project takes the excel files where the data is kept and sorts and formats it through python then updates it onto our website we created.

How we built it

We built it by coding a python script and outputting the data in csv files which then outputs it into a php file that converts into an HTML.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into were getting the data to format exactly right using python.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are incredibly proud of George Mason for having a challenge like this in the first place and we are so happy we were able to present something to the sponsors. This is our first hackathon and it was a great experience that we wish to carry on with the rest of our lives.

What we learned

We learned a lot about how we ourselves as students can be more "green" and sustainable. We added links to the website of how students can learn to keep their campus sustainable.

What's next for Mason Waste and Energy Dashboard

We are incredibly proud of what we have so far but we can always build upon that and work more closely with the sponsors themselves to provide them with the absolute best solution.

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