The desire to improve our skills at coding in python.

What it does

The character tries to catch the masks and avoid the viruses. Each mask increases the score 10 points and each virus decreases it 10 points. After three times of hitting the viruses the game ends with a message including the players score and the message "Mask Up and Stay Safe".

How I built it

Using Python and Turtle, a Python library that allows users to create images and animations.

Challenges I ran into

Errors in Python code

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The game works and it's fun!

What I learned

Another way to utilize Python, and to be enthusiastic about learning new things.

What's next for maskUp

After catching a mask having the character wear a mask for a few seconds until it disappears and during that time the mask is up having the character be not affected by the viruses even if they collide.

Built With

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