The problem Mask Series X solves

There are various problems that came into existence due to wearing masks (which have been a new normal today). The main problem that all the glass wearers experience is fogging of glasses due to the release of exhaled air from the nose end of the mask which create great problems. Also, the mask has a CO2 NRT valve installed, that releases all the exhaled air to stop sweating and mixing of CO2 with fresh O2. The mask also provide attachment of a face shield on it, so that one doesn't need to wear a separate shield. Lastly, the mask has a provision for adding headphones, so the mic stays inside the mask, hence solving problems of managers and businessmen. Any type of headphones are supported that is already owned by the user. (snapshot with timeline have been added at the last page of PPT. Also check folder for more photos)

Challenges I ran into

The modelling of the face mask was a difficult task due to the abnormal shape. Also, NRT valve had to be designed so that it is simple yet effective, thus the mask be available in lower price(if ever launched in market). The idea of adding the headphones was also tough as leaking of unfiltered air and sound of inhalation and exhalation had to be controlled(as mic is close to the mouth)


Self Designed NRT Value
Frame Edge System for Locking on Face
Snap fit Technology for attachment of Face Shield
No Fog Problem faced by people wearing spectacles
Earphones can be used while using this mask

Built With

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