MaskRadar brings together the users in need of helpful products like face masks and those who offer them. The MaskRadar website and app will become the main source of information for producers, suppliers and customers. Our non-profit project combines location based services with user generated content as users can easily upload and share availabilities of products. We will create transparency in the market for face masks - in your neighborhood as well as online.

Why are face masks important? It‘s a shift in the mindset of Western society that any face mask is better than none. Just today Austria made it mandatory to wear masks when entering a supermarket.

What is the current status of MaskRadar? Almost 2 weeks ago my brother, myself and 3 amazing friends started MaskRadar. In the meantime more than 20 volunteers joined in. We entered the Hackathon well prepared with a bunch of documents:

  • vision
  • value proposition
  • target group definition
  • tech requirements

Now we have a prototype for the back-end, wireframes – and a lot of great new friends to fight the Coronavirus together.

If you want to support us in making face masks available to everyone - please vote for us.

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