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Our Proposition

The ongoing global coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant amount of confusion among experts and customers alike about the role respiratory personal protective equipment, especially face masks, may have in helping control the spread of the virus. The uncertainty related to the novel nature of the contagion and, unfortunately, often lack of official guidance has led to a lot of misconceptions and uncertainty around the applicability and the effectiveness of different types of face masks in protecting the health of the general public on a daily basis. With our app, we aim provide our users with accurate information on the most common types of face masks available to the general public and the intended purpose of each, with details on what kind of protection each mask type offers, and what is the current average market price is, to help our users make an informed decision when buying a mask for themselves and their loved ones.

Maskit features:

Provides the official medical information about different types of masks and their purpose Provides NHS guide on how to use the mask Helps track the budget Notifies the user when it is time to change the mask Helps track the environmental impact

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