Pandemic diseases pose an on-going threat to global health security. Pollution is another major alarming health factor in affecting developed and third world countries alike. MaskIOT is a smart mask/respirator built using innovative patented filtration system that adjusts automatically to its environment. Inbuilt sensors helps to detect and control the mask through smartphones, watches and other smart devices.

MaskaiOT Smart Mask Prototype

MaskaMap is the software platform which aggregates publicly available data from government organizations like CDC, WHO, NIH, AirNow and similar organizations from all over the world along with the data collected from the mask users. MaskaMap platform combines this information with the data collected by the mask users from different parts of the world to create predictive smart health platform which would alert the mask users incase of a disease breakout or bad air quality.


How it works

Weekly flu reports generated by Google flu trends and CDC are emailed one a weekly basis to our gmail account. We use CONTEXT.IO to parse the emails and upload the reports to our system. Apart from weekly flu reports, the gmail account is also subscribed with hundreds of government and private organizations which creates alerts on Disease outbreak, air quality changes, wild fire, travel alerts etc. We again use CONTEXT.IO API's to parse the emails and curate them into two high level categories that are pandemic and pollution. We have our internal secret recipe which then digest this data to create smart alerts to our Mask users.

Challenges I ran into

The data set we are trying to aggregate is sparse and needs to pulled in from various parts of world. They are maintained by commercial, non profit and government organizations. There is no standard format across these data sets and hence would be costly to write scripts to aggregate, parse and store. helped us solve this problem by simply subscribing to weekly reports, travel alerts, news articles and emergency notifications through a simple email.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of what we are doing and that is literally saving lives. These smart masks would be sold for a very reasonable price. It would affordable even in third world countries. MASKAiOT, as the name suggests, is a true internet of things solution and is powered by a powerful health platform that would create predictive health alerts which would eventually save people from pandemic diseases and harmful effects of pollution.

What I learned

There is a lot of good public data out there.

What's next for MaskaMap

We are just getting started. We want MaskaMap to be the platform for health and wellness information.

  1. Aggregate social media information 2.
  2. Add more and more data sources related to weather warning, air quality , forest fire , epidemic diseases
  3. Provide REST API's for developers to build other applications against our dataset
  4. Add machine learning algorithms to create trends
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