Honestly, a lot of inspiration comes from Srinivas's Dad. He was the one who taught all of us how deep learning works. He provided the fire to learn Deep Learning models.

How we trained the model:

We built a CNN in Keras based off of this dataset:

Things we learned:

We learned how to train a custom model for our own purposes. We learned a lot more about how we can truly impact the world with Deep Learning. We found out a bunch of ways for how our product can be used in the real world. We learned a whole lot more about the Raspberry Pi We learned about time management, and how to plan things accordingly based on what’s most important.

Difficulties/ Things to improve on:

At first, we had trouble finding resources and making do of what we got. We took a while to fix the bugs in the code when we switched from laptop - Pi. We were having some trouble finding an effective way to pitch our product in 5 min. It took us a while to find an effective way to solve the problem. We had to figure the inconsistency in our code. sometimes it would work, other times it didn’t

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