PDF Redaction is a manual process which requires commercially licensed tools, redaction hinders end to end RPA implementation.

PDF Redaction custom activity

It masks/hides the keyword or the content next to it based on the input provided. It also has the capability to mask the content based on the occurrence of that keyword, example: if user wants to hide 4th occurrence of the keyword, then user just need to provide the "Occurrence" as "4" and the custom activity masks the 4th occurrence of the keyword if it exists. It also masks/hides all occurrences of the keyword if "Occurrence" is set to "All" .

Challenges I ran into

The Tesseract output is not 100% accurate, hence we have fine tuned our code to handle few cases.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This activity works on any kind of PDF (Image, Native, Searchable, Form PDF, etc..)

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