Covid times have been tough. I wanted to ideally make a checking system for door way entries in which people would be allowed only when they have their masks on. For prototyping purposes I have a "Face Mask Detection" for identifying if the Mask is put on a face or not so as to contain virus spread in COVID times.

What it does

Currently it detects if a person is wearing a mask or not.

How I built it

I've used p5.js for making it on the web and use TensorFlow js (ml5.js) to classify. I've used my own images for model training and using transfer learning I was able to classify the things.

Challenges I ran into

Apart from hardware and network issues, I was stuck at hosting the model for real time webcam interface on a site.

What's next for Mask detector

A door lock system, which opens only when the camera detects that user is wearing a mask.

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