What is the most resilient parasite - An idea.

Idea is the core of creativity and innovation. Ideas and the organization flourishes only when people voice their opinion and are not hesitant to discuss the problems.

What it does

An organisation bot that lets the employees share their opinions anonymously . In addition to this , it provides an all-in-one place where the employees can get their queries clarified in an instant.

How I built it

Amazon lex and lambda.

Challenges I ran into

Communication between lex and lambda server. Importing the modules in the lambda server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Achieving the main intent of the bot - enabling the users to post anonymously in the group.

What I learned

Interaction with Lex and to model the application using serverless architecture.

What's next for Mask

  • It can be extended to support anonymous retro where people can converse with the bot and give their feedbacks and the bot summarises the retro in an actionable form.

  • Company specific policies can be configured and the bot can answer the queries based on the configuration.

  • Allows direct feedback to an employee anonymously.

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