• This project was inspired by the need in the Muslim community for a solution to calculate a travel route that accommodates prayer time considerations.

What it does

  • MasjidGo takes in the user’s current location, intended masjid stops, daily prayer times, and their final destination to construct a route that ensures the user is able to stop at a masjid before the end of each prayer time window.

How we built it

  • We created an algorithm that utilizes Google Maps API to locate all masjids en route to our destination. We then provide the user with the arrival time to each Masjid and the Adhan time of each prayer with respect to the Masjid’s location. By using Flutter and Dart, we are able to convert our Figma User interface design into a real mobile application.

Challenges we ran into

  • One of the main challenges we encountered was really narrowing down our diverse ideas into a cohesive plan that accounts for both the limited time frame and the resources that we had.
  • We had to really reorganize our goals to ensure that we were creating something new and unique that would also be feasible within a week.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We’re proud of how far into implementation we were able to take our idea. Despite running into discrepancies between our creative goals and capacity for realization, we put many of our ideas into action effectively while learning technical skills and app development along the way.
  • Above all, we’re extremely content with the fact that we were able to put together an idea that could potentially help many Muslims who face such a pervasive predicament during travel, that is managing prayer on time.

What we learned

  • Throughout the entire process, between coming up with the idea and rolling our app into development, we learned a wide set of skills, including technical skills, effective communication with teammates, and organizational adaptability to complete this fully fleshed out product within the limited time frame.
  • We learned how to use Figma, operate Flutter, and be able to delegate responsibilities effectively to team members based on our diverse abilities. We learned how important team cohesion and communication can be, especially within strict deadlines. At the same time, we were able to share our strengths with one another and provide a learning experience to the rest of the team along the way.

What's next for MasjidGo - App

  • MasjidGo’s next endeavor would be to incorporate Muslim-friendly stopping spots as recommendations as well (i.e Musallah locations, Islamic centers, zabiha restaurants, etc.). We plan to add a community connect interface where users could direct message masajid for information (hours, general info, needs, etc.).
  • In the long run, we hope that MasjidGo instigates a highly beneficial caliber of centralization into the fingertips of the precious Muslim community here in the United States, such that Muslim-Americans can become more connected with the Houses of Allah on a journey, whether that’s during a permissible work trip, commute, vacation, etc.
  • All praise and thanks belong to Allah alone. May He forgive us, and may He pardon us for our shortcomings. And may He always bestow His Mercy and Pleasure upon our Ummah. Peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Ameen.

Built With

  • dart
  • figma
  • github
  • google-maps-platform-api
  • google-slides
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