Work can be a boring place... for some of us.

So we wanted to make it a little more fun. We've built a quiz! But not just any quiz. The questions and the answers are automagically generated on the fly using no less than 5 Mashery API's: Sports Data API, The Guardian, Rotten Tomatoes, Tribune Media Services and Harper Collins.

The system asks questions about books, movies, sports and news articles. No quizmaster is needed... ever. Just go to and the system automatically starts.

And no, it's not a turn based, asynchronous quiz. It's real-time! So if anybody joins in, he or she gets exactly the same question at exactly the same time as you.

At the end of the round, a scoreboard is generated and posted to your Yammer timeline. So you can brag about your extensive knowledge ;-)

The goal of this project is to create a healthy competition within the company. As the questions are automatically fetched from sources like The Guardian or Tribune Media Services, you always get a fresh bunch of up-to-date questions!

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