Inspiration: Our whole team has been interested in video games, and we wanted to take this opportunity to dive into learning more about client server relationships.

What it does: Our video game allows many players to join in as Carolina mascots with the goal of defeating the Duke blue devil boss!

How we built it: We used the LibGdx Java library, and a Amazon EC2 server to help build our 2-D game

Challenges we ran into: Apparently at some point in the night the Wifi internet decided to block our connection to the AWS server. We got around this by using our cell-phones as a hotspot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: For the amount of time that was available, we learned a lot about client server relationships. We are proud of having a multiplayer game mostly complete within 24 hours.

What we learned: Multithreading and networking are fun topics.

What's next for Mascot Battles: The game is close to being fully complete, and we are all good friends so we will be polishing our project in the near future.

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