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Centralized platform to track and manage critical medical supplies. Designed for governments to facilitate public sector resources. Saving lives through efficiency in communication and coordination.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented health, social, and economic crisis. At the frontline, medical workers, police, borderguard, social workers, pharmacists, shopkeepers need personal protective equipment to minimize the risk of infection while keeping essential services afloat. Rising demand and limited supply of personal protective equipment (such as gloves, masks and gowns) puts the provision of healthcare and emergency services at risk. Resource management including stock management, availability of different sizes and shapes of personal protective equipment, placement of items for easy access, quality of items purchased and line management for reporting shortages is crucial during pandemics.

One of the recommendations by the WHO to hospital administrators and emergency managers during the times of public health emergencies is to develop and maintain an updated inventory of all equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals; and establish a shortage-alert mechanism. This enables to efficiently allocate the essential supplies and estimate the consumption over time.

The purpose of this project is to develop a centralized platform that allows the national crisis response teams to have a real time overview of the stockpiles of personal protective equipment and other essential items in hospitals and different public sector institutions involved in public health crises.

What it does

The online platform enables hospitals, emergency services and local governments to sign-up for real time monitoring of personal protective equipment and other health care supplies. These organisations can update the level of their supplies on a daily basis. The introduced data will be transferred to the centralized system, where it is viewed and managed by the national crisis response team. The crisis response team is able to have an overview of the current levels of protective equipment in the different hospitals and public sector bodies and consequently make decisions on the urgency and allocation priority of new supplies. The system also sends out notifications and alerts to the crisis response team once the level of supplies in the organisations becomes critically low. The daily updates on the stockpile levels allow to make more accurate estimates about the needed quantities of protective equipment.

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We have completed our third and final checkpoint with our awesome mentor Chris Thompson. Based on his feedback we are making some final adjustments and working on an awesome video to share our idea with the rest of this amazing global community. Final push, let's make it count!

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