Shared Mobility solutions for reduced congestion and achieving Sustainable and Smart Cities.

What it does

It is a Blockchain based solution. City Govt., Citizens, Merchants and Transport operators are part of this private Blockchain network. For every usage of public transport or carpool or shared parking usage, Mobility Points (1 for every 10 Currency) are awarded to user's Blockchain wallet. The reward points are more (1.5 times) when usage is during non-peak hours. The accrued Mobility Points are redeemed at Merchants on Blockchain network for buying products. Finally, Merchants will exchange the Mobility Points against Fiat Currency (e.g. Indian Rupees) with City Govt. on Blockchain.

How we built it

We have built our solutions on Multichain Blockchain platform which is fork of original Bitcoin platform. Initially a Blockchain named Mobicitopia was initiated by City Govt. Then other parties are allowed to join the Blockchain. Not all parties have equal rights. A middle layer with RESTful APIs is created using nodejs to create, issue, transfer Blockchain assets namely INR and MOBIPTS. UI is created using HTML and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Team was busy with existing jobs with some not familiar with latest Multichain platform. We then researched and completed the solution in-time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to complete fully functional Blockchain based solution in short amount of time and we expect Smart Cities across world will adopt this solution.

What we learned

We learned Blockchain technology and how it is useful for common citizen with potential many use cases.

What's next for MAS Smart Mobility

We will take this solution to different government stakeholders to pilot the solution in their respective cities.

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