Learning should be about following our interests for the sake of learning. We should not learn for good grades.

What it does

Mary, our software, is a smart online editor that helps you to become an expert in anything you like. You start writing about any topic. Mary then sees how well you understand that topic. She will then give you feedback and guide you step by step to improve your skills. It also has a multi-user function: teachers use it to add projects for their students. The students pick up the tasks, Mary helps the students to learn a specific topic and gives feedback to the teacher and students how to improve individually.

How I built it

Key stack: Python, React

Challenges I ran into

We had trouble communicating what we do. Our software is not a data collection editor. Mary is an active agent that gives you feedback based on what you know. She helps you to step by step to learn something you are truly interested in.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works :)

What I learned

User feedback is key. We try to keep our software as close as possible to what teachers and students want.

What's next for Mary - Learn Something Interesting

We hope that users enjoy using the software as much as we do.

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