We felt a negative impression of all this offline marketing tools like leaflets, posters and lightboxes that stay unnoticed, waste paper and spoil the views of your favourite city. We believe that this is not how marketing tools work in a modern world.

What it does

Our service gives public places an effortless tool to attract new customers and manage advertising budget by offering special deals for those who would really appreciate them. At the same time our app helps our users to save some money throughout their daily routine by finding and using above mentioned offers.

How I built it

We have formed a team of enthusiasts from different backgrounds. We have conducted a research on validating the problems, the solution and a suggested business model. We have prioritized tasks and set a goal to built an MVP during the 2017 Junction Hakathon.

Challenges I ran into

Low familiarity with Azure ML, absence of appropriate data sets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Previous research to make the solution marketable, great level of team collaboration.

What I learned

Users insights, Azure ML.

What's next for Marvin

Create a cashback service, pitch to inverstors, business development and product launch.

Built With

  • .net-core
  • azure
  • ci
  • gitlab
  • kotlin
  • microservices
  • ml-azure
  • unit-tests
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