What it does

It's a chatbot! It answers questions about the marvel universe by looking up specific facts related to a character, comic, series, or event.

How we built it

We used Node JS to build the website and Microsoft LUIS and Azure Services to build the chatbot logic.

Challenges we ran into

Training the bot to respond in the appropriate way was challenging without a well-defined data set. We also ran into several issues converting the data into the specific format the Marvel API needed.

What we learned

We learned more about how to train chatbot systems, and improved our web development skills!

What's next for MarvelBot

Increasing the bot's knowledge base and adding more functionality to the commands it understands. Allowing users to provide feedback to train the chatbot when it returns answers they aren't expecting. Eventually, MarvelBot could also provide some helpful pointers or search recommendations to personalize the user experience.

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