Often times health information is presented in a very clinical manner that is unfriendly for kids, there's too much medical jargon and children have difficulty engaging with the information. We wanted to turn learning about things like diabetes, first aid, and other medical ailments into a fun and interactive experience by utilizing superheroes! Our goal is to help spread awareness and educate students about various health topics in a fun and exciting manor.

What it does

Marvel Medical Dictionary (MMD) is an mobile augmented reality experience that allows users to learn about different health topics from their favorite Marvel superheroes. After searching a topic like diabetes or spider bites, MMD utilizes natural language processing using data from the Marvel API to select a super hero that is closely related to the search query. For example, if our bite-sized hero/heroine searched for spider bites Spider-Man would be there to provide easily understandable information. Users are able to "watch" Spider-man and other Avengers on their mobile device and learn about different types of health issues.

How we built it

We built MMD on the Unity Game Engine, C#, and imported 3D models found online. We also utilized flask's python framework to retrieve health information, Marvel API data, as well as run our natural language processing code.

Challenges we ran into

A little bit of everything. We have limited experience with Unity and have never developed in AR before. This is also our first time working with web development and had a lot of _ fun _ trying to find bugs in our python code as well as learning the beauty of JavaScript and its relation with HTML.

What's next for Marvel Medical Dictionary

Moving forward we would love to integrate more Marvel character models and add more dynamic movements and animations to the AR experience. We also want to more closely integrate engagement principles to increase information retention in regards to health knowledge. Although, MMD was just an idea created on a whim, in the future it could bring awareness and health education to young children all across the world.

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