Inspiration and What it does

Our project for the 2019 Hackathon is an application that uses files from the Fandom wikia database for Marvel characters and, by searching for a Marvel hero or villain, creates a graph of the relationships between the heroes and villains. This program allows the user to clearly see the Marvel characters’ allies and enemies and presents these relationships into a readable format. The motivation for this application is to give users a brief, intuitive description of Marvel characters and their relationships in the Marvel universe while presenting it in a legible and presentable style.

How we built it and Challenges we ran into

The problem we are trying to solve with our app is that while the Marvel section of the Fandom wikia provides a wealth of information on a character’s relationships, we don’t get the information on how close the relationship is that they have with other characters (i.e. who their friends or family are). Our app would provide a clear graph that shows exactly what the relationship is between the character and how close that relationship is.

We hope to implement this on a website and on mobile devices as a search device for people curious about the heroes and villains and for life-long fans of the franchise.

The process of creating the program: *The data is imported from the Fandom wikia as XML files *A Python program cleans the data and converts the XML files into CSV files *From those CSV files, the important information is extracted and made into smaller files and the graph is generated into a semi-structured data form *The Python-based desktop application and the Java-based mobile application are created with the CSV files and the graph *The app functions as a search engine for characters in the Marvel universe and provides a brief description of the character and a graph detailing their relationships

Accomplishments that we're proud of and What we learned

Successfully build the app, Teamwork within a small group with 3 people and, Communication skills are improved.

What's next for Marvel Family Tree

We hope that this app provides a better understanding of Marvel characters and clear view of their relationships within the Marvel universe. Future work for this app would be doing the same for the DC universe.

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