Marvel movie nights have always been our favorite forever. But after being stuck eating the same popcorn during the pandemic, it no longer gave the same effect that it did previously. So we decided to put our own twist to it and for added benefits, we put got the idea to make it eco-friendly and economic.

What it does

If you are picking a Marvel movie, our website is the perfect answer. It gives you a variety of genres to pick from. After choosing the genre of your choice, we give you a variety of movies to select from and enjoy with your loved ones.

The whole world is under economic stress given the current pandemic situation and thus we also provide you with a menu of homemade recipes so you don't waste your money on those $500 burgers, to aid you with the amount of money your spend on each item and the total amount spent on the entire dish.

Veganism plays an integral part in climate change and studies have shown that vegans produce 2 and a half times less carbon release compare to meat-eaters. To spread a positive message on veganism all our recipes are vegan. In short, our website is your perfect complete package.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

The few challenges we ran into while developing this website were:

  1. Time constraints (our website has more than 10 pages and developing 10+ pages in 2 days was definitely a task)
  2. Designing the webpage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The few accomplishments are:

  1. We were able to pull off the website within 2 days with just a team of 2 members
  2. We were able to fully communicate with each other.
  3. We learnt new skills by means of preparing this website.

What we learned

  1. We learnt how to design and develop our very own website.
  2. We focused on organizing and scheduling our work to fit in with the time constraints.

What's next for Marvel And Munch

Marvel and Munch will now try to expand more than just recommending recipes. We will now try to expand to Online orders and Free subscriptions to view the movies. We will also try and create a blog page so several other marvel fans can come together and input their fun facts about Marvel characters.

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