I grew up in a densely populated country. You always find someone to talk so there people talk a lot. They simply can't stop talking if they find a topic in social media they don't care if it's morally right or wrong. This has become a good platform for various fundamental groups to spread heat. And at the end, some small community will be the victim for this heats. This logic is my inspiration.

What it does

It will use artificial intelligence to scale up and reduce domestic violence and protect human rights.

How I built it

Mainly it is a mobile and web application back my database and powered by artificial intelligence.

Challenges I ran into

I think the bigger challenge is this king of application unable to make a huge king of entrepreneurial money so is difficult to find funds.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If computer science start solving this kind of problem. I will be proud to be a living human in this era.

What I learned

I learned how we work collaboratively. Humans can perform like an organism.

What's next for Martivume

We will work for preserving nature. It will help people to live an earth engaging life.

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