1. MARTINIAMINC Curriculum program: Is gear to help motivate kids to graduate from inside the walls of America public schools system, without transferring them to an alternative school.

2. We believe it will help, solve the schools dropout rate about 80-85 percent.

3. We believe it will help entrepreneurship in schools.

4. We believe it will upgrade the school system 100% from the 50s and 60s.

5. We believe it will upgrade teacher certification in education technology now and in the future.

6. We believe its economically important to stop school dropout and help kids to graduate with from high school: MARTINIAMINC Curriculum Program.

7. We believe by it will help, America crimes and help solve health problems in schools.

8. We believe it will help kids focus on there future education and entrepreneurship.

9. Everyone can get free access to, MARTINIAMINC Curriculum Program at: http://martiniaminc.webs.com/apps/auth/login by using this email user name: hundredtwenty.street_church@aol.com and this password: NYCNYCNYC

9. To read the text apps or PDF FILES in MARTINIAMINC Curriculum Program go to this website: https://lrn.cc/Jd and browse down to files.

10. Stay Connected to the curriculum, MARTINIAMINC tool bar: http://martiniaminc.ourtoolbar.com

11. Join our Video: www.viadeo.com/?ga_from=Fu:/profilv2/;Fb%3AN-topmenu%3BFe%3AL1%3B

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