One major advantage of data analytics in the field of crime scene investigation is the ability to scrutinize and analyze the data much faster than humans can, seeing trends that humans could have possibly missed. This is why we want to utilize data analytics to help us to find the criminals who are trying to evade arrest!

What it does

Suspects were categorized differently based on their activities. With our user interface, you can join us to observe the timeline of each suspect. We will be providing features for you to analyze who is likely to be the murderer. Be a detective and solve this case together!

How I built it

Javascript was used to analyze json and to see the correlation between the set of events and the murder mystery. Node.js is mainly used for the backend while React is used for the frontend.

Challenges I ran into

a short time frame, inability to incorporate a new hacker into the team, virtual environment for python, react update pauses the development process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the project as a team, being brave enough to tackle a really hard challenge, learning a new programming language.

What I learned

Teamwork, time management is the key, being supportive when encountering problems

What's next for Martello's Murder Mystery in Carleton

Build a 3D model of the crime scene, Provide more features for analysis

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