the inspiration

This game is inspired by some desperately poor college times in which one of the more entertaining things to do was to go out beneath the stars with a bag of marshmallows and a lighter. I tried my best to construct a simulation that felt just like roasting the real thing. With a lighter.


This was my first 3D excursion (besides toying with Unity3D), and it was a pretty ridiculous adventure. There are only 2 assets in the HTML5 build of Marshmallo: the font in the title and the texture on the marshmallow. The only reason I didn't generate the texture in code was that the HTML5 target didn't support BitmapData drawing in OpenFL. The Android version remains pure with text being the only asset.

it was a challenging project

Since everything was procedural, a lot of times I had to deal with a completely broken project: generating the marshmallow cylinder and all of the nodes used for fire calculations was incredibly difficult and stressful, as I had to make sure it was all aligned in a way that made it look (pseudo) realistic in the end product.

i feel pretty good about the result

In the end, Marshmallo turned out gorgeous, or at least, I'm in love with it. There are many features that I wish I could implement but with the Android target for OpenFL being absolutely borked (my Acer C720 severely outperforms the native Android build on my HTC One M7), I had my hands tied behind my back. The concept originally revolved around moving the phone around to manipulate the fire, rather than spinning the marshmallow around on the screen. The junk build I do have on my phone is much, much more fun, but its framerate is debilitating.

how do i play it?

The zip file attached is the Android build, the website link above is the HTML5 version.

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