The astonishing storyline of the Martian movie was a huge inspiration for our project because the main character is assumed dead on Mars due to unknown factors, we believed that there are many risks that arise in the red habitat that needs to be controlled. Xylemt which was introduced for the water solution inspired us to make a project dealing with the environment for outside the earth habitat like mars.

What it does

Marsa Safe System issues an immediate warning, in case a factor is abnormal Range (safe range + MOE). Predict future mishappenings with regards to any particular area of the habitat using machine learning. Determines the quality and the state of the habitat, by monitoring the effect of the external factors on the internal factors of the habitat using data analysis.

How we built it

Using ThingsSpeak and WordPress skills.

Challenges we ran into

We needed to do a lot of research to understand the problem as there is a scarce amount of information on such a futuristic topic. We also were new to WordPress and ThingsSpeak which delayed our progress when it comes to coding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with the idea and being happy with the design and getting to know each other

What we learned

We learned that Teamwork makes the dream work, despite the timezone differences we managed to work as much as possible. We learned that a potential project needs a great amount of code.

What's next for Marsa Safe System

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