For a long time we have wanted a better way to keep track of the films we want to watch. Knowing how much data was out there we were unsatisfied just keeping lists on arbitrary notes platform. We were frustrated that the data was carved up by big companies so that the average person never had easy access to a complete source. So we hacked together a database of a million movies and set out to design an app with powerful search and social features to empower people to keep track of, discover and share the joys of film.

We created Marquee. Through generative search using filters with layers of granularity we give users the ability to find films that best fit their interests and life. A User, for instance, can search for films made since 2000 that have over a 70% on rotten tomatoes and are under two hours long. We can alert a user when a movie on their watch list is going to be taken off or put on a platform like Netflix and because sometimes it can be so hard to decide what to watch with friends or family Marquee lets you see the cross section of your and a friend’s list. It may not be a life changing product but by unifying previously fragmented data and decentralizing, it we hope to create a meaningful experience and bring some joy to people.

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