ADA just got more pizza

This project was brought about from the Cardano Marlowe challenge at the WyoHackathon 2021. We were excited about the recent deployment smart contracts on the Carndano network and knew that we wanted to try out the Marlowe Playground. While we were waiting for our pizza to be delivered we thought that it could be cool if our fast delivery promises were solidified in a smart contract.

Our team has mixed experience with various coding languages. Josh is a former DBA with some full stack web dev experience. Ethan is a help desk technician with little coding experience. We decided to build our contract together in Blockly due to its accessibility.

We ran into a number of challenges while developing our project. The lack of floating point integers as a data type was a bit confusing to us at the onset. It seemed counter-intuitive but after reading through more of the documentation the solution to convert the values to Lovelace was simple and intuitive.

Overall, this project is a work of a love and win or lose we had fun doing it. The opportunity to explore Marlowe Playground and theorize a practical idea for a smart contract with little to no background in either space aside from being ADA holders is fantastic and we are excited to see what the future holds for Smart Contacts and Marlowe.

Built With

  • blockly
  • marlowe-playground
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