My inspiration came as I struggled to understand how Actus contracts worked within Marlowe. Once I started to grasp the implementation of Actus, I began to wonder if there was a better way to visualize how an Actus templates work within Marlowe. The answer, I believe would be to implement a new programing language called Lexon within Marlowe.

What it does

Lexon is a computer language that anyone can read. It can be used to write normal contracts that can also work to generate smart contracts. By utilizing Lexon within Marlowe you would be able to utilize the same text for both the program and the legal agreement. The language works for legal agreements, process flow, and business logic.

How I built it

Unfortunately due to my limited developer skills, I'm only able to simulate how I believe the addition of Lexon would enhance Actus in Marlowe. This visualization consists of screen captures and hypothetical implementations.

Challenges I ran into

My limited developer skill was a big hurdle. I had lots of ideas that I wanted to implement, but every time I ran into road blocks that impeded my progress. Another challenge that I ran into was time commitments, in addition to this Challenge I was on Team Liqwid as well and I wanted to at least try to make as many contributions as I could to that effort. I also helped Mr. Smith with video recording and editing for his project. In the end it has been a very rewarding experience and well worth the time commitments.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I completed Marlowe tutorials, did lots of technical reading, made new friends, and even without the developer skills I would like to have I found way to be productive and to make a positive impact for myself and others.

What I learned

I have a very good understanding for the technologies I want to learn and in what order I need to proceed with my continued development. I learned a great deal about Marlowe and found a new language called Lexon that I feel will have a profound impact on a number of industries.

What's next for EasyRead

I'm really hoping the Input Output will take a serious look at Lexon and see how it can fit into their development efforts. For myself I know that Cardano and Cardano technologies is where I plan to spend the majority of my free time for the foreseeable future. As for EasyRead, as my developer skill evolve EasyRead will be getting a lot of my attention. I truly believe that Lexon will be an enabler for mass adoption of smart contract creation and DAO proliferation.

Built With

  • actus
  • garageband
  • imovie
  • lexon
  • marlowe
  • scratch
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