Kanye Toast is an inspirational toaster. It makes your food, teaches you about life, and plays Kanye's music too!

What it does

Kanye toast is a toaster on steroids. While making your food, it displays inspirational tweets from Kanye West and plays an 8-bit version of the song "Stronger".

How we built it

Kanye Toast is built using a toaster oven, an Arduino, a MAX6675 thermocouple, KanyeRest API and lots of perseverance. We first set up the toaster oven with the hardware then added Kanye's tweets. The music is played from a buzzer attached to the Arduino.

Challenges we ran into

Using an Adruino for the first time was slightly tedious and also, since most of the 2/3 members of our team are new hackers, it took us some time to figure out how to work with hardware.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We managed to finish Kanye Toast over the weekend.
  • Baked Panera bread (yay sponsors!)

What we learned

We learned to use an arduino and a thermocouple. we also learned how to toast a prop (Panera) bread without burning it :P

What's next for Kanye Toast

We envisioned a few things for Kanye Toast, but couldn't complete it. We plan to add different notes based on the temperature of the toaster. Also, to connect it to the internet to scrape and play different songs every time.

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