Last week a goat joining corporate meetings made the news headlines. Companies were lining up to pay and bring some fun in their remote meetings. This inspired us to add some excitement to online classrooms as well. A goat is fun in a corporate meeting, but it might be more interesting for children learning about natural sciences.

What it does

A french class can be made more engaging by having a frenchman drop in and exchange a few works with the children. A geography lesson is more real by having an australian live stream a kangaroo and say howdy.

All this kind of fun and engaging live experiences can be available for schools, especially during this time when a lot of learning is happening online. By providing an online marketplace for such content, we also open the opportunity for ordinary people to become content creators, earn money and interact with people across the globe.

Business model

Schools would pay to be able to book these guest appearances and a percentage would be taken by the platform.

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