When my classmate and friend, Mark went missing last Sunday, we felt hopeless. We didn’t know where he went or why. We wanted answers and the community could offer them.

The Bermuda Police (with a team of a mere 5 detectives) received hundreds, almost a thousand tips from the public, but commented how hard it was to sort what was credible and helpful in this time-sensitive search. They conceded most tips went to waste in the investigation.

Unfortunately, Mark was found dead on Monday and we still don't know what happened to him.

What it does

-User Friendly, Crowd-Sourced Form -Run crowd-sourced tips through specialized formula which examines sentiment, specificity, time, and location -Visualizes ranked tips to optimize dispatch routes

How I built it

-JavaScript for FrontEnd, Node.js to help shift to backend -Google Cloud and MySQL for backend database -Used the readings from Preceive API to perform sentimental analysis on certain tips

Challenges I ran into

-We never received an authentication key from the API we wanted to use, so we had to create tips and test them through their online demo which took forever -Connecting the front end to the backend on a hosted server was not easy and we were debating the best way to do it -SAPUI5 was going to be our first move, but we quickly realized it didn't fully encompass what we needed/wanted

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-This product was made for a real life scenario and it actually has the potential to make a difference. We are proud that we have something of a potential demo to see if there is interest in this specific industry

What I learned

-When the going gets tough, the tough get going -Went to a few workshops and uncovered the power of React.js framework

What's next for MarkMe

-We want to actually test if this could be a real solution

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