A Marketplace with React

Hi Guys! I am a student of Computer Science Engineering in India. My main forte has always been data science. So when i registered for RookieHacks, which is my first hackathon, I wanted to shake things up a bit. So i decided to learn web development as it is a field which has always interested me.

So this weekend I set my aim to build a frontend for an online Marketplace in React. This wasn't easy for me as I had to learn JS also. But I really wanted to get it done. So after long hours of studying and learning i finally made a starter application in React. Then I just kept adding more features and finally got a multi page dynamic marketplace frontend ready.

The challenges I faced were lack of knowledge in this subject and also lack of supportive teammates. I had a team earlier but due to some emergency situations it did not work out. Hence I decided to go the distance alone and make this.

Going into the future I will be definitely learning more about React and also making and connecting a backend to this app. This hackathon was the best first one I cold have asked for and all the mentors were extremely helpful.

Hope to participate in a lot more MLH hackathons and learn and build cool new stuff with you guys!!

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