Food scarcity is a tragic unnecessary plight in modern society. In the US, an Est. 30 - 40 % of the food supply ends up in landfills. I believe blockchain technology has reached a point were we can leverage the technology to eradicate hunger completely.

What it does

Frugal Pantry is a B2B marketplace for farmers and businesses to buy and sell overstock produce as wells as donate to NGOs and Food Banks

How I built it

I built a prototype using figma to wireframe and export html, css, and react js. I also used Marlowe, a smart contract language built for the Cardano blockchain to enable escrow contracts.

Challenges I ran into

No experience with figma, or Marlowe prior to the hackathon

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a prototype on paper. Learning more about Marlowe

What I learned

Working remote made it much harder to find teamates

What's next for Marketplace for Overstock Produce

build a working app

Built With

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