Being the people who shed a tear every time our favorite local food joint closes down because a Taco Bell opens up across the street and kills their business, we have always felt a dire need to make the world more fair for the normal people. Our portal takes a leap in exactly this direction. It provides the following 2 services :

1 . Small businesses can set up their online store/catalogue with a few simple clicks

  1. All business on the portal can interact with each other (much like a social network) to merge menus and product catalogues or just agree to any arrangement that brings more presence and business to the both of them.

If two businesses choose to merge their inventory/services, their online stores immediately start to reflect those changes and their customers now have access to other services/items provided by a different store from one page.

Not only does this help boost business, but it gives small business owners networking opportunities and a chance to try out partnerships with different shops that they would never get otherwise

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