Introduction In the time of COVID spreading I find it very hard and annoying to get my groceries. I go to market or supermarket and see crowd and wait for an hour sometimes... I made a survey for this. And I validated my idea that people wants to know which market is crowded in that moment.

My idea will make this reality and after gathering the necessary data we will be able to predict the busy times everyday!

It's in idea phase and I can easily finish the UI, design of the application. But I need technical friends' help. I want to make this real so I'm looking for opportunity to work with someone technical.

The roadblocks in front of me: Getting the data in a reliable and feasible way. This is the most headache giving aspect of this project.

I learned that ideas really evolve on the road, and designing along the way.

For Quando application, the next step is deciding data acquisition type and convincing markets that it's a good opportunity to get into this platform as a brand. After decision we will be building a backend for application to work.

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posted an update

I've finished business milestones. After acquiring usual users, we will be adding promotions! To get the app to be sustainable we will be using push notifications and on-map view of promotions from the supermarkets

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