Being a college student--busy, naturally--, I'm unable to monitor the stock and crypto markets as closely as I'd like to. Because of this, I've missed out on some crazy market movements or I've realized a bit too late. Why stay powerless when I've got a computer and the skills to make it work for me?

What it does

market-tracker (because market-watch is apparently already a thing) lets users sign up to receive notifications if a virtual asset being watched falls above or below a price they set.

How it was built

used react for the frontend; the backend employed a mix of express (host the server), mongo db (store queries to watch), alpha vantage api (get market data), and twilio api (send sms notifications).


  • The time crunch was kind of a pain
  • Integrating the Twilio api wasn't exactly as its documentation suggested
  • Limited testing availability (during production) because of the limitations on a free Alpha Vantage account


  • First time using multiple apis in a web app :)
  • Was able to work full stack

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