The resources of the land on which we live are decreasing and with the population increasing on our earth making it difficult to meet the next Future generation’s needs The expiry problem is not only a pharmaceutical problem but also involves all food products. To a better world where the poor have their food and medicine

What it does

Predict the end of the product's expiration depend on its Consumption rate

How I built it

relational database

Challenges I ran into

You can learn a new thing every moment

Accomplishments that I am proud of

My worksheet run and its predict expiration

What I learned

First, it was just a worksheet to help me in my role as warehousing manager to decreasing the expire date in our warehouse, However, when I think in that worksheet and try to develop the idea My research drives me to -The Myth of Drugs Expiration Dates is a global impact-

"One pharmacist at Newton-Wellesley Hospital outside Boston says the 240-bed facility is able to return some expired drugs for credit but had to destroy about $200,000 worth last year. A commentary in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings cited similar losses at the nearby Tufts Medical Center. Play that out at hospitals across the country and the tab is significant: about $800 million per year. And that doesn’t include the costs of expired drugs at long-term care pharmacies, retail pharmacies and in consumer medicine cabinets."

What's next for Tracking-Coronavirus-USA-Spread

The project was adopted by the American government

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