Market Meter is a financial markets and news application developed for the mobile investment professional. Reflecting the strengths and experience of the Inductive Labs team, the app focuses on utility and user-centric functionality by providing access to Thomson Reuter’s differentiated and premium data in a “context-sensible” way. By delivering this rich data using innovative and flexible interface methods, a high premium is also placed on user control, screen utilization, multi-tasking and configurability.

Market Meter implements a specific set of functional innovations on the mobile device to maximize the value of the user’s experience and build a platform ready to integrate additional data sets and sources.

Some of those features are:

  • Macro- and Micro-Economic Release Calendar Integration
  • User-Defined Price Alerting
  • Price & Volume ‘Heat’ Indicators
  • RSS Feed Integration
  • Background Caching & Off-line Data Availability
  • Split-Screen Navigation
  • Drag-and-Drop Data Interaction
  • Gallery Browsing & Content Representation
  • ‘Context-Sensible’ Navigation
  • Maximized Screen Utilization

Market Meter version 1.0 is a first cut at what is envisioned to be the leading platform-neutral mobile application for financial investment and trading power-users.

For more information and a list of planned future enhancements, please visit the Market Meter homepage at

Using the following TRKD API's:
  • Market Data from global major exchanges and indices
  • Company Fundamentals Data
  • Wall Street Events (StreetEvents)
  • Reuters Online Reports for Financial News & Pictures
  • Consensus Broker Estimates
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