Inspired by our personal experience of wanting answers to market research questions and a quick way to validate our ideas, we set out to create a solution to achieve this using the power of social media influencers.

What it does

It allows business owners and founders to conduct micro-surveys (single - few questions) to a larger, yet targeted audience within popular social media platforms (starting with instagram) with the help of micro-influencers. In this way they will be able to get response to questions, validate and iterate over ideas at a rapid pace. It beats current solutions (paid survey apps) by an incomparable margin, in terms of cost, reach, targetability and speed.

Current alternative solutions:

One-on-one interviews: Harder to find the right person matching the target persona but if done yields the best results (p.s. we are not competing with this) Survey links (popup/links): Inefficient method of distribution, very low conversion rates, people generally hate to fill long surveys. Paid Survey platforms: (platforms that pay users to answer surveys): The user group available on such platforms is limited (not many people are ready to fill out random 10-minute surveys for $0.1), so you might not find people resembling your target customers here.

Micro-surveys on social media (powered by micro-influencers):

Short; less effort for consumer In-app process: need not go to a separate website can access a larger audience (more reliable conclusions) while maintaining targetability

How we built it

We built most parts of the application, except for the matching algorithm. Since recursion is out of the scope of bubble’s current capabilities, we had to develop of algorithm using Javascript. We have hosted out Js code through a HTML wrapper on digital ocean and have configured bubble to call and send data to it during specific stages of the workflows. The algorithm uses data-points collected from each influencer and finds the suitable influencer for each market research project required target demographic, all of which without any manual intervention.

The video was made using iMovies and Google Slides, and hosted on YouTube.

Challenges we ran into

The part which took most of our time (and the most fruitful) was to come up with a method to run the matching algorithm in tandem with bubble. Hosting the code on digital ocean,removing node dependent components to run the file on a browser, and establishing a seamless connection with the bubble workflows was the most challenging part.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having 2 out of 3 members from non-development backgrounds, we are proud that we were able to learn new technologies, maintain team unison and most of all ship a functional MVP all within 36 hours.

What we learned

We learnt how to use Bubble and JavaScript along with the basics of web app development, hosting, virtual machines and SSH. We were constantly communicating with each other and leveraging our personal strengths to create a project of this size. The whole hacking time frame has been a steep learning curve for us and we now feel that the result cannot be any sweeter.

What's next for Data Influence ?

We will soon allow founders of all levels to not only ask viral questions, but also make viral statements (product launches,etc.) ! We want to integrate the Instagram Graph API and improve our matching algorithm as we collect more data points with time. Some of the other features that can be added included, end-to-end payment gateways, notifications, OCR for converting the results to text (screenshots) and better ways to present the conclusions. Addition of viral distribution loops using custom poll background designer are under development. Our long term vision is to expand into vernacular and indigenous social media platforms, and be a complete DIY - market research tool as a service, especially for the developing SEA economy, where new global standards are being set both in terms of cost and efficacy.

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