We were inspired by the chance to use innovative voice services to offer stock market hotlines of renowned market analysts.

What it does

Market Hotline provides market timing hotlines from top stock market analysts delivering quality market information to individual and professional investors. Don Wolanchuk, The Wolanchuk Report Hotline provides stock market timing on ETFs, Index futures, and various commodities and currencies. He is primarily a position trader but day traders do find the service helpful with updates as frequent as every half-hour when the market dictates. Tim Ord, The Ord Oracle Hotline is electronic advisory newsletter that recommends S&P, NASDAQ, and gold stock trades updated twice a day during market hours: 9:45 AM and 3:15 PM Eastern.

How we built it

Our team coordinated our skills in programming, video, information services, and system design, to create the Skill. We used Microsoft Visual Studio Code with ASK CLI and the Alexa Developer Console for quick changes.

Challenges we ran into

We started the Market Hotline skill two weeks prior to submission! The exciting challenge for us was the rapid development in a short focused time frame. We were challenged troubleshooting connection issues with external content dependencies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The contest offered us the opportunity to apply our audiotex information-on-demand experience to the state-of-the-art interactive voice driven eCommerce platform ideal for applications in the voice activated world of the future here today.

What we learned

We learned a lot in a short amount of time developing services and programming the voice activated Amazon Alexa platform. After working decades in the pay-for-information industry, we learned the Alexa Skills Kit In-Skill Purchasing of consumables which provides a frictionless purchasing process for delivering valuable audio content. Nothing else compares to the ease that FrontDesk's Market Hotline delivers.

What's next for Market Hotline

We believe that this construct provides the opportunity to extend the In-Skill Purchasing services to sports, financial, and other time sensitive content on a pay for consumable service basis. We also believe that Market Hotline will accommodate subscription based services in a variety of professional advisory fields. Because of the nature of the volatile market landscape we will be creating free Alexa Flash Briefings to highlight and inform prospective users of Market Hotline.

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