Markdown Videos

Have you ever wished the markdown image syntax would be able to render more than just images?

markdown-videos helps you with that dream, and renders automatically your markdown image syntax elements to the appropriate embed video service HTML markup.


This week I needed to integrate videos in markdown fields. And yes, HTML can be included in markdown parsed fields, but I felt using the image syntax to very easily insert videos would be awesome.

How I built it

I used Ruby, and particularly extensively RegExps. Rubular is particularly interesting to test your RegExps. I used RSpec to test the gem.

Also, sprintf was very relevant to use here to keep the code clear and give ability to extend the gem supported services list pretty easily.


It's pretty cool! It's my first Open Source published gem. I'm not sure it has it's place anywhere, but it's fun.

What I learnt

I learnt how to pack and publish gem. And particularly the best practices in this domain. Also, the Configuration pattern I used was new to me, it's pretty simple but interesting to integrate.

What's next

Probably integrating more services

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