Your (grand)parents have inspirational stories to help you and your family solve today's problems. But when they are gone, so are the stories. The internet is awesome for family history, but it can not bring back those stories. The best way to get those stories is to talk to the people yourself, before it's too late. This free app will record those stories. While you record the stories, you will take notes and photos. Don't wait too long. Capture these stories now before it is too late. And because this app integrates with Evernote, you will always have your audio, notes, and photos from the interview, even if you delete this app or lose your iOS device. Plus, because Evernote is a Freemium product, your non-iOS friends and family can enjoy your interview without even owning a smart phone. In fact, Evernote allows you to e-mail your audio, notes, and photos to loved ones who don't even have Evernote.

In summary, there are many ways to do Genealogy. But there is no substitute for talking to the people who actually lived the stores. Download this app today, put it in your pocket and the next time you are with that family member you are thinking of now, take the time to capture their stories. Encourage them to share their stories of faith, struggles, and perseverance. You will be glad you did, long after this app is gone.

Best of luck to you!

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