Mark the Spot is the first multi-user game for Smart TV, using second screen devices (as a controller). The purpose of this game is to guess the location of a pre-selected photo on a map. These photos are taken all over the world and are showing statues, scenery, buildings and other hotspots. After you joined the game, guess the location of the photo shown on the television and Mark the Spot on the map on your second screen device! The challenge between you and your friends is to get as close to the original photo location. Each game exists of 10 rounds and the player with the highest score at the end of the race, is the winner!

This game is easy to play, has an educational element and most of all is fun for everyone!

Version 1.0 is suitable for 4 players. On short notice version 2.0 makes it possible to play this game with several televisions at the same time. From 4 up to 30 players!

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