We knew that the environment was facing a lot of troubles because of human causes these days, and we wanted to make a positive impact, though a small impact, but nevertheless a positive impact, that we hope will be improved upon and spread to many people to let them know to improve upon our environment.

What it does

This program consists of 3 basic but engaging games that can be used to raise awareness of improving our planet's environment. Further descriptions of the games are in the code.

How we built it

Our team worked together to come up with ideas and designs for our games. We used the pygame module to display our game. We used comments in the code to describe what parts of the code do what in the program.

Challenges we ran into

Pygame would occasionally have display issues when running the program on However, nothing was wrong with the code. in addition, we would run the code later, and it would work. Also, some teammates would get anxious when the code went wrong, but we worked together and fixed it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At first, coming up with the games, coding it, displaying the images and all the words was a hassle. However, after it was all done, we felt better and that we could improve upon it more.

What we learned

Take the work slowly, and don't panic. Panicking won't help, and always help your teammates through tough situations, because a team always makes hard loads much easier.

What's next for Environmental Sustainability Learning and Fun

When we coded this, we wanted this program to be used to educate future generations, because developing the minds of younger generations on an idea will strengthen their focus on that idea. In addition, we really want them to know how to protect and sustain our Earth's environment for many years to come.

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