We are the people of the #sea as we live in Pacific Island countries that are are small island developing states. The ocean is our culture, livelihood and identity which defines who we are. Protecting our ocean is protecting our home. The Pacific ocean comprises of two thirds of the world's ocean. Marine surveillance is an immense challenge. As children of the sea, we take pride in protecting our home and we created and designed an App that will help address this global challenge.

What it does

The App enables law enforcement agencies, representatives or the general public to be able to track and report vessels at sea. It also pulls from all the agencies websites that have information about the vessels in their region to form this global registry of vessel that can be used offline when Agents are out at sea without internet connection.

Our Aim

(1) address the challenges of interoperability across marine surveillance systems; and (2) meet the following commitments made by World Leaders: (a) Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)14 Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources; World Summit Information Society Action Lines C3, C4, C7 e-environment, C7 e-science and marineresources for sustainable development (14.a) (c) United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Sea -Part XI Implementation Agreement; -UN Fish Stocks Agreement

How we built it

Our Team of 7 worked together at the Japan-ICT Center in Fiji from Friday afternoon to bring together a simple product to help Enforcement Agents to monitor Vessels within their region.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of integrated, standardized form that law enforcement can use effectively in the field; in spite of existence of numerous data on fishing vessels on the internet; Time constraint and to have a sophisticated solution for the Fishing Industry. All Agencies need to have a consistent and format of data that can be easily shared and integrated with each other. We recommend them to implement web services to allow for data to be shared with each other and to integrate into a central hub which could be easily downloaded offline onto smart devices which the Agents could use when out at sea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team Collaboration within a short span of time to come up with a Product for the Local Competition for submission to this fishackathon. Being the 1st in the Pacific Region to contribute to this global competition.

What we learned

Communication is key and understanding the key requirements of the industry to provide a solution

What's next for Maritime Domain Awareness (Dakuwaqa Ocean Tracker)

To be able to empower anyone out at sea (including Enforcement Officers) to alert and record the vessel that are blacklisted and to have an impact to stop human trafficking..

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