We investigate how to expand Pepper's possibility and usability from other webservice or gadgets.

What it does

We developed a platform to control Pepper or Peppers through websocket.

How I built it

Build a Pepper app that connect our server on Azure throught websocket and make it receiving commands. Also developed several UI to send commands to Pepper, such as web page, HTML5 voice recognition, gesture control (powered by Leap Motion).

Challenges I ran into

  • Control Pepper from outside through websocket
  • provide versatile way for pepper app development.
  • [Voice client] pepper turn to "naturally telepresent system".

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • quick reaction / very low latency(super fast!)
  • great connection stability — Due to using websocket, network traffic is pretty low. Pepper demos at hackathon often fail due to severe network condition. We overcome that problem.
  • infinite expansibility — you can control pepper or peppers through websocket. It means you can send commands to Pepper from browser, leap motion, voice recognition or actually everything

What I learned

  • Each Pepper has his own personality.
  • Skynet IS coming!
  • If destruction the human races, dont worry. Pepper get oppotunity to become a war boys.

What's next for marionette

  • more controllable function
  • get state from pepper(ex. for space recognition)

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