We wanted to bring something usable but still awe-inspiring to Marimekko. Inspired by the current VR and AR technologies, we started to envision a future where Marimekko’s beautiful stores would be available for everyone everywhere.

What it does

With Marimekko portal application you can jump into a real Marimekko store from anywhere with the help of augmented reality. Just by opening the application and being in the right spot, a portal, a magical door to a Marimekko concept store will open in front of you. You can enter the store and start experiencing the Marimekko products in a whole new way.

When you’re inside the store, it’s easy to add Marimekko products, such as clothes, fabrics or tableware to your shopping list in the same way you would take pictures of objects. By swiping left you can see the products you have picked and proceed to order them from Marimekko online store.

With the aid current AR capabilities we can also make it possible for people to also test the products they are thinking about buying in their home. By selecting “Test” from the shopping cart view, customers may easily place the the products in their own home and see how they look there. We were also thinking about building a measuring tool, a relatively simple task, to allow customers to easily measure their table for the correct size fabric.

For Marimekko this brings an all new way to reach people and make their Marimekko experience more unique than ever. In order to bring an even more meaningful experience Marimekko can use the virtual concept stores to release new collections and patterns and allow people to order the products from there.

How we built it

During the weekend we actually developed two augmented reality applications. One using Apple’s ARKit and another one using Google’s ARCore. Before this weekend we had no previous experience in using either of the technologies, so we spent much of the weekend learning how development in done on both technologies. We also combined Unity with ARCore which speed up the development on Android devices.

Our team also had two designers who spent much of their time on designing a simple to use interface for the Marimekko Portal -application. They also constructed the use cases and polished the usability of the application to be as simple as possible.

Challenges we ran into

Google’s ARCore and ARKit differ quite a lot from each other, although they both aim at achieving the same kind of an experience. We ran into challenges when using both of them. For example in Apple’s ARKit had problems with the textures and with ARCore it was difficult to get the magical door to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did quite a lot during the weekend. For example learned two AR-libraries we had no previous experience in. We also think we designed one of the most futuristic yet completely doable AR-application we have ever built.

What we learned

During the weekend we learned a lot about designing for augmented reality, ARKit, and ARCore. We also learned a lot about 3D capabilities of current generation phones.

What's next for Marimekko Portal

There is still a lot of development and future possibilities for this service. We believe that with the help of Marimekko we can make this application real and provide a completely new, unique and awe-inspiring experience that no other company has ever seen.

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